OdorMiser DTX™

Indoor Air QualityThe OdorMiser DTX™ is an advanced photo-catalytic oxidation and carbon absorption air treatment system for your central heating and cooling system.

By utilizing 3 unique cleaning processes, this air purifier reduces and inactivates airborne and surface molds, virus, bacteria, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors.

First, the powerful Germicidal UVC light works to kill & reduce airborne pathogens such as virus, bacteria & molds while providing surface treatment for evaporative coils.

Next, the Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors and gases which tend to linger indoors. Cooking odors have a lingering stay power unless removed by air purifier by trapping them inside the carbon cells.

Finally, the PCO Oxidation Cells work to oxidize airborne VOCs which off-gas from various electronics, plastics and artificial materials inside the homes.

  • Features Large Surface area for Oxidation and Absorption for a very potent and effective Air purification
  • 16" Models for larger ducts and coils
  • High output UVC Twin Tube Lamps for optimal disinfection zone
  • Great for people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues
  • Three cleansing processes purify, oxidize and disinfect your indoor air
  • Maintenance is simple and convenient, by simply replacing the lamp once a year